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Classic: Danny Woodhead Sells Own Jersey at Modell's

This is a brilliant stunt. Reebok teamed up with Modell’s and had New England Patriots diminutive sensation Danny Woodhead go hang out in Modell’s for an hour or so.

They dressed him up like a regular employee with a nametag that said “Dan.” Because, that’s his name. His mission? To sell Danny Woodhead jerseys. It’s actually pretty funny, as well as a brilliant PR stunt (PFT and Deadspin were two places that picked it up. Probably a ton of other major media outlets too. Hell, OTR is running it!)

We wished mooah hadcah New Englandahs came in and statted to rant about the Pats. Some things we didn’t heyah while Woodhead was in tha stah, but wished we would have:

-”I’ll buy a Wes Welkah jehsey cause he’s white and fast. But wouldn’t go neyah that traitah Richud Seymah’s shet!”

-”I hed Derrick Behgess is back playin’ with tha Eagles now. You heyah that? He’s wethless!”

-”I got a really bonah ovah this Woodhead kid right now. He’s wicked smat and wicked white! I’ll take fah of his shets and make shah yah wrap ‘em fah me too! My only payah of scissahs in the apatment don’t wek. Can’t have enough jehsey’s of non colleds, ya know?!”

-”I just sawra license plate in the packin’ lawt that said “Owah Cah.”

So anyway, check this out.


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