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Daniel Orton Responds to Accusations of Wrongdoing at Kentucky

Daniel Orton just went on a heartfelt tweet-fest to Big Blue Nation.  He addresses some questions he was asked about why he picked Kentucky, the media, and declaring for the draft.  The below is a series of tweets put into the proper order, and much easier to read.

“Okay there are some things that I’ve been needing to address, but I was trying to focus my attention elsewhere. As far as the classes I want to apologize for not doing what I said I would. I messed up bigtime and hope I can be somewhat forgiven. I messed up on a few due dates on my online class and I just lost focus in school. I apologize.”

Daniel seems to have not finished his classes at Kentucky in the summer like he was supposed to.  The real question here is, who cares?  He was leaving and didn’t plan on getting a degree.  This isn’t rare, as a few other underclassmen did the same thing without much fanfare.  Seems the rabid fan base of UK has made this a big deal, when in actuality it’s standard practice these days.

Orton goes on:

“Then the thing about the Kansas comment. I was more so set up on that question, we all know the media and how they like to get people but I was asked was there any other school that I would have gone to. At first I said, “No because I loved UK and I loved my experience and my teammates there.” Then he proceeded to say. I know Kansas was recruiting you hard, you never had any thoughts of maybe you should have gone there? Of course I thought that at times, I won’t lie about that I’m sure at least two players on every college team this year question their decision, but in the end I am happy that I went to UK.”

Again, punishing a player for being honest.  He said that he thought about going to another school that heavily recruited him, again, not a rare circumstance.  Orton was genuine in an interview and of course it was used against him.  This is why players like DeMarcus Cousins are considered “headcases” when in actuality they are just honest people.  Orton shouldn’t be punished for saying that he considered going to a school that is one of the best in the country and that wanted him there after playing limited minutes at Kentucky.

The most interesting part of the story was in Orton’s final tweet:

“As far as leavin early. I can’t really justify myself there.  So sorry UK fans love yall and yall are the best.  Ima miss it!”

Easily the most interesting part of the story.  Orton ended up in the first round, but below most projections.  It was reported he was locked in with OKC, shut workouts down, but then his slide started.  OKC ended up trading up, which may have been the reason Orton slipped, but he seems to regret it.  Very interesting for future freshman who declare.


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