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Daniel Cormier Still Owes Strikeforce One More Fight

Although he doesn't know when his final fight for Strikeforce will be, Daniel Cormier (10-0) is grateful for the chance he was given and plans to finish up his contract with them. Cormier was scheduled to headline the November 3 Strikeforce card before it was cancelled. Upon the completion of that fight Cormier had planned to head to the UFC.

"I don't view that extra fight as a negative thing because Showtime and Strikeforce, they made an investment in me," said Cormier on MMA Weekly Radio. "They gave me a chance to make some money, they gave me a chance to build my career on their network, and I want to do the last fight."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir (16-6) was the original opponent, but forced to pull out with an injury and Strikeforce was unable to find a suitable replacement. After Mir pulled out of the fight, Strikeforce waited several weeks before deciding to scratch the entire card.

"I keep getting asked if I'm going to say enough is enough and I'm going to the UFC," said Cormier.

Cormier hopes to return at the January Strikeforce show, where the company has promised a huge event to make up for their last two shows being cancelled.

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