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Danica Patrick Loses Lead During NASCAR Race after Fan Throws Shoe on Track (Video)

Danica Patrick has been on the wrong end of a lot of criticism over the past few years, and most of it has been justified.

Some folks think it's because she gets more attention for her risqué Go Daddy ads than anything she’s ever accomplished in racing, but that’s not it.

Lots of athletes out there, male and female, use sex appeal to further their brands.

No, the real reasons why Patrick catches so much flak are as follows: partially because she’s an awful sport, partially because she constantly displays a terrible attitude as it pertains to everything, and partially because she likes to confront male racers who can’t do anything back to her because she’s a woman.

That's why so many people don't like her. Her many, many, many racing failures are just icing on the cake.

All that said, Patrick’s latest racing failure actually wasn’t her fault. During Saturday’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Montreal, Patrick had a noticeable lead over the opposition when karma opted to intervene. Some idiot fan in the stands, for whatever reason, threw a shoe onto the track. Apparently not having noticed the additional obstacle on the road, Patrick ran that shoe over.

Soon enough, she started experiencing car troubles and had to spend a long time trying to get it fixed.

By the time everything was squared away, she was way out of contention.

Patrick ultimately finished 27th. Normally I’d feel bad for someone who had this sort of experience but, in this case, for some reason, the words “ha” and “ha” come to mind.

(Kudos NBC Sports)

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