Dana White is Still Very Upset with Alistair Overeem

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Since Alistair Overeem registered a 14:1 testosterone ratio on his random pre-UFC 146 drug test, the UFC has remained mostly quiet on what they plan to do about the situation.

Assuming that such an exaggerated ratio would automatically preclude Overeem from taking the fight, the MMA fans and media began speculation over who would replace The Reem. The UFC threw a wrench in the gears this past week when it was learned they had applied for Overeem's fighter license in Nevada and will be waiting to see how things go at his upcoming hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (where it's rumored he'll try to exploit the TRT loophole) before making any decision on the matter.

When pressed for comment on the situation at last night's UFC On Fuel TV 2 press conference, White stated that he was simply too angry with the situation to properly articulate on it.

"We're waiting to see what the Nevada State Athletic Commission (does). Just to address that real quick. I think I made myself pretty clear when this thing happened: I don't have the temperament to talk about this," said White. "I will say things that you guys will love and I will hate next week.

"So, let me just say this: Everybody gets due process. Alistair Overeem will have his due process with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, we'll see what happens and we'll go from there. And, when it all goes down, somebody else will speak about this and not me."

UFC 146 is scheduled for May 26; Overeem's hearing will take place on April 24.

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