Dana White Speaks Out on Latest Batch of Injuries

With all of the injuries that have been plaguing the UFC lately, many are wondering what's in the water that's getting all of these pro fighters so badly injured.

Is it the UFC's implementation of fighter insurance, prompting guys to take fewer fights injured? Sound reasoning, but these guys don't make money if they don't fight and spending months on the sidelines deals a definite blow to their bank accounts.

The latest theory is that the 'iron sharpens iron' mentality and approach to fight camps is the cause of the repeated injuries. When you have so many top-tier fighters under one roof, absolutely taking it to each other in an attempt to become the best, you're bound to end up with a busted knee or a separated shoulder here and there.

During last Friday night's UFC on FX 3 post-fight show on Fuel TV, UFC president Dana White touched on the unprecedented string of injuries his promotion has had to deal with and voiced his support for that theory.

"I think what's happening too -- and me and Joe Silva were talking about this tonight -- you have so many talented guys out there now all in the same camp, going at it like they're fighting for the title. These guys need to tone it down in training a bit and stop hurting each other," said White.

This summer alone has seen Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz and Brian Stann all forced to withdraw from high-profile fights. Then you've got Georges St-Pierre, UFC welterweight champion, out indefinitely while nursing a blown knee.

Maybe there's something to this whole 'going too hard' thing...

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