Dana White Offers a Somewhat Simple Take on the Bibiano Fernandes Contract Situation

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Shortly after it was announced that DREAM bantamweight champ Bibiano Fernandes had signed with the UFC and would be debuting against Roland Delorme at UFC 149, the Brazilian fighter came out and refuted that he'd ever signed with the UFC.

The 32-year-old explained that he had never officially signed with the UFC, that they had only entered into negotiations but were unable to come to terms. Speaking with MMAWeekly, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Fernandes was unsigned and that if he wanted to go fight somewhere else, he's certainly within his rights to do so.

"If the guy says he didn't sign, he didn't sign," said White. "That's why I don't like announcing a lot of stuff, because these guys will have a verbal, and verbals suck. You can't get anything done with a verbal. He's a grown man, he can go fight somewhere else if he wants if he doesn't have a deal."

Fernandes has given no indication as to where he intends to fight, but Bellator and One FC are essentially his only other big-money options outside of the UFC.

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