Dana White is Obviously a Fan of Frankie Edgar's Work

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When UFC president Dana White and lightweight Frankie Edgar look at the latter's record inside the Octagon, they see two completely different things.

While Edgar, the former UFC Lightweight Champion, believes his reign as champ and tough opponents signify he belongs at 155 lbs., White interprets the New Jersey native's record as proof that he could go on a tear in the UFC's featherweight division.

"I think these rematches have proved that Frankie Edgar is very tough and durable," said White. "I believe that he should be at 145 lbs., he doesn't agree with me.

"To be honest, the fact that I believe he belongs at 145 lbs. and the fact that he's held the title, and you look at the list of guys he's beat at 155 lbs., the guy's an incredible fighter, a tough durable fighter. Boy, would he shine at 145, but he wants to stay at '55," opined White at a UFC 150 presser.

Edgar, who reportedly walks around at close to 160 lbs., would likely have little difficulty making the 10 to 15 lb. cut to featherweight. However, with a rematch with Benson Henderson for the UFC Lightweight Championship, scheduled for early August, it does not appear Edgar is going to make the drop to 145 lbs. any time soon.

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