Dana White: "I Love and Respect Frankie Edgar"

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Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar was on the wrong end of a split decision Saturday night at UFC 150: Henderson Vs. Edgar II. Benson Henderson successfully defended his title by scoring a victory, leaving Edgar to ponder his future.

UFC president Dana White was asked about what could be next for Edgar after the post-fight press conference in Denver.

"I don't know," White told FightLine during the usual media scrum. "It's tough. That division is so stacked. It needs to be unclogged and fights need to happen."

Anthony Pettis was set to contend for the belt last year, but never received his shot because Edgar and Gray Maynard fought to a draw. A third meeting was scheduled between the two, then Edgar worked his way into a rematch.

"I love and respect Frankie Edgar. We gave him what he wanted because he's always been there for us," White said. "Henderson did the same thing and gave him an immediate rematch. There are lots of other guys he would love to fight. I respect them both. Ben won two (fights with Edgar); he's the man."

The likely destination for Edgar is featherweight, as many feel he would be a natural in the division. The division is currently ruled by Jose Aldo, who will defend his belt later this year against Erik Koch.

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