Dana White Has No Problem with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's Desired Departure

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If Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's goal has been to wear out his welcome with the UFC, it appears he's well on his way to success.

The capricious former champion has been putting the UFC on blast since losing a unanimous decision to Ryan Bader at UFC 144 this past February. Though his private conversations with Dana White have led the UFC president to believe that the relationship between Jackson and the promotion was at least on its way to mending, Jackson's public words have expressed a much different sentiment.

Most recently, Jackson appeared on HDNet's Inside MMA and once again stated his desire to part ways with the UFC. Rather than fight for him to remain on board, White told gathered media following the UFC On FOX 3 press conference a few days ago that if Rampage wants to leave, he'll show him the door.

I'll have a conversation with Rampage and think we're cool and then I'll read other stuff. So, Rampage is obviously not happy with the UFC. No big deal brother, you don't want to be here anymore -- the way that I always look at it is: we have this mutual relationship with the fighters. Do we always see eye to eye? Do we always get along? Whatever the deal might be. And as far as money goes, everybody needs to make more money. … That's human nature. What we do is we go in and we negotiate deals that work for everybody.

We've been good to everybody that we've ever dealt with. We've never screwed anybody over, including Rampage. You want to talk about a guy we went to bat for. We've gone to bat for him many times. I feel like f***in' (Derek) Jeter when it comes to Rampage. If he's unhappy with us, doesn't like us, and doesn't want to be with us anymore, then the feeling is mutual.

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