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Dana White Has a lot of Big Plans for the UFC

Dana White isn't thinking about anything other than continuing to improve the UFC. As for retirement, that isn't on the current checklist for the UFC president.

"Regardless of my age, a lot of things need to be done," said White, during a recent interview on UFC Tonight. "I believe me and the Fertittas and our crew at Zuffa have built a pretty awesome road map and game plan of where this thing is going to go."

White, who is 43, has dealt with only a few health problems during his tenure as the leader of the biggest MMA promotion in the world. He did add that in terms of "UFC years," White is "probably 73."

"This thing is nowhere near where it's going to be," White added. "Every day I go to work and I know what has to be done, but it's the stupid stuff that happens that I have to deal with that takes you off track and you maybe get to spend two hours dealing with the stuff you have to do. It's all the BS and the fires that come up."

White has helped broker the UFC-Fox deal, and has expanded the global brand of the UFC to all reaches of the world.

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