Dana White: Fighting Needs Instant Replay

Dana White continues his campaign to bring instant replay to the sport for judges and referees.

"Every other sport has instant replay," said White on Inside MMA Live. "Fighting needs to, especially with how bad the officiating has been."

With MMA being a relatively young sport, mistakes are going to occur and White thinks instant replays are one way to solve the issue.

"These athletic commissions have this thing with combat sports where once a guy makes a decision it can't be overturned," said White. "It's insane! Guys are going to make mistakes and this sport is young that there are a lot of people that are not qualified to judge or referee a fight."

White sees a bad call as changing a fighter's entire future.

"If it doesn't get better, everyone is in trouble," said White. "When bad calls are made, I constantly call people out. We're doing everything we can to stop this from happening. I think one of the worst things that can happen is if a guy loses a fight that really didn't. It affects their money and legacy."

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