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Dana White Doesn't Seem to Have a Problem with TRT

UFC president Dana White has changed his stance in regards to the use of testosterone replacement therapy in MMA. During a recent interview with Fox Sports' MMA Intensity, White discussed the use of TRT.

"Here's the thing about TRT. It's absolutely 100-percent legal," White said (thanks to for transcribing). "As sports medicine continues to advance, this is one of those things where every guy's testosterone level starts to drop as they get older and this is basically sports science now where they can bring it back up to a normal level. And I think it's great, it's absolutely fair, it's legal."

White continued, though, by saying, "The problem is, there are guys who say if this much is good, this much must be great. So you have guys who are always trying to do more than they're supposed to do. The big job is policing it, making sure that it's not being abused."

Several fighters have been granted exemptions to use TRT prior to fights. Among them are former UFC champions Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin, along with top contender Chael Sonnen.

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