Dana White Doesn't See Unions in the Future


While some jobs may rely on being a union member, others don't and MMA falls into that category according to one man. UFC President Dana White isn't opposed to fighters creating a union, though he doesn't think it will ever come to fruition because of the big name fighters around today not wanting to share their purse.

"I doubt it," said White on ESPN Sports Nation. "The thing about fighting is, fighting is not a team sport, it's an individual sport. It's going to be tough to see a day with Silva or GSP is giving up big chunks of their money to guys who won't make two fights in the UFC. Different sports."

While White doesn't seeing anything happening, if a union is created then he will continue to operate the UFC as he does.

"But if it happens, it happens," said White. "I have to negotiate with somebody on the fight contracts."

Currently, fighters negotiate their contract on their own or through a manager.

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