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Dana White Doesn't See Nick Newell in the UFC

Nick Newell (9-0) might have won many over with his story, but it still isn't enough to where UFC president Dana White will offer him a contract. Newell was born with a left arm that ends at the elbow, meaning he has no hand and is missing most of a forearm.

White, who has shot down the idea before citing that it's tough to make it into the UFC with two arms, continued to deny that Newell would be a part of the promotion. White wasn't even sure that all the state athletic commissions would grant Newell a fight license.

"Will the state of Nevada let him fight," said White. "Will the state of California let him fight? Would some of these bigger athletic commissions let him fight? Maybe he can get away with that in some of these other states. I don't know. Fighting with one arm is just craziness to me."

Newell's perfect record extended to nine with a win at XFC 21 on December 7. In the process, he became the promotions lightweight champion when he defeated former Bellator fighter Eric Reynolds (16-6).

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