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Dana White Approves Immediate Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Rematch

Anderson Silva’s fight against Chris Weidman was billed as the first time that the former would face a legitimate challenger in years. It was sold on the fact that, for once, the greatest of all time would be in a competitive showdown. Jon Jones’ match against Alexander Gustafsson was marketed to fans as a battle of reach, mostly because nobody thought the latter had the skills to test the former.

So, to recap: Jones-Gustafsson wasn’t sold as a battle of equals, and Silva-Weidman was.

As anyone who watched both matches can attest to, the opposite ended up being true. Whereas Silva lost a fight he was dominating because of sheer cockiness, Jones beat Gustafsson in a battle he very easily could’ve dropped. If that second round had gone the other way, which it very well could have, we’d have a new light heavyweight champ today.

Because yesterday’s showdown between Jones and Gustafsson was the clear Fight of the Year, questions immediately popped up about a possible rematch.

After UFC 165, Ariel Helwani asked Dana White about how likely that was. Check his response out below.


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