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Dana White Agrees That Carlos Condit Defeated Nick Diaz

Carlos Condit defeated Nick Diaz on Saturday night over a tactical five round battle, earning a unanimous decision that seems to have the MMA community split down the middle. Some feel Diaz's forward pressure, fifth round takedown-to-back-control and possibly more damaging shots won him the fight against a backpedaling Condit; others feel that Condit out-landing Diaz and avoiding much of the Stocktonian's offense rightfully earned him the decision.

You may count UFC president Dana White among the latter.

"Carlos Condit won," White said (via MMAJunkie). "He went in there, and he fought a great fight. He stuck to his gameplan and didn't fall in Nick Diaz's (style of fight)."

Diaz did what Diaz does in fights, taunting Condit and goading him into planting and engaging, so that he might cut off his constant movement and lure him into a firefight. Except for on brief occasion, Condit was unaffected, mostly following his gameplan to a T, impressing his UFC boss in the process.

"Nick Diaz is the master of getting you to fight his type of fight," White said. "Fighters have egos, and millions of people are watching. When you start getting open-hand slapped by the other guy and he's calling you names –- 'Alright, you want to do this?' -– they step in, and they do it. Carlos Condit kept his cool tonight, fought a perfect fight. He started early, chopping those legs, and that did make a big difference toward the end of the fight. It slowed Nick down a lot –- body shots, too."

Insisting that he's not disappointed we won't be seeing the much-desired Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz title fight, White did say that he's open to a rematch between Diaz and Condit considering how close the fight was.

"It's crazy, but … I was thinking about it after the fight," he said. "People are b---hing, and people think that was close, we could do that fight again before GSP comes back. It depends on Carlos, too. Carlos has got to say – and Nick's got to say, 'I want to fight him again,' too."

UFC 143 went down from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada; for full results from the card, click here.

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