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Dana White Acknowledges that Certain Things About The Ultimate Fighter Need Fixing

UFC president Dana White made another appearance on UFC Tonight Tuesday evening. White discussed The Ultimate Fighter and Fox deal during the interview, and seems confident on both fronts.

"No, it's not a make-or-break year," said White, when asked if TUF was at a crossroads. "There are some things that we all did wrong. And we need to fix them. It's all part of running a business. The thing about us is we're not afraid of taking risks. If we were, we wouldn't be sitting here right now."

TUF has dropped dramatically in terms of viewership since debuting earlier this year live on FX. The show started on Spike TV and helped propel the careers of such fighters as Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans and Stephan Bonnar.

White also said there will be plenty of changes in regards to Fox, which signed the UFC to a long-term deal late in 2011.

"There are a lot of things we're working on," White said. "Obviously, we're working on 'The Ultimate Fighter.' We gave it a shot doing 'TUF: Live.' What we found out is people actually do like the reality and want to see more of what went on in the house that week, which is almost impossible to do leading up to a live fight. 'TUF: Live' isn't dead. I'd like to give it another shot."

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