Dan Henderson Would Prefer to Fight in April or May

Dan Henderson has been around the world of MMA long enough to know how the sport works. And, while "Hendo" would like nothing more than a crack at UFC gold, he also realizes that pre-set matches could make that impossible for the immediate future.

So, Henderson is willing to take a fight this spring before cashing in his No. 1 contender spot. The issue is finding an opponent that is worthy enough for Henderson to risk fighting.

"The problem is there's really nobody right now who fits the bill for a title contention fight," said Henderson, in a recent interview with ESPN.com. "Maybe I'd fight at a different weight class. I don't know if they see anybody at heavyweight that would make sense? But I would prefer to fight someone in April or May."

Prior to defeating Mauricio "Shogun" Rua in his return to the Octagon, Henderson downed Fedor Emelianenko in a heavyweight contest in Strikeforce. The former Strikeforce champion has also competed at middleweight during his career.

"Who do the fans want me to fight at heavyweight? I'd have to think about that," Henderson said. "I don't know who at heavyweight would even make sense. I don't know who is out there, but I did let the UFC know I'd be open to that, as well."

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