Dan Henderson Thought He'd Have to Fight Jon Jones Despite Injury

Dana White has shared a little more insight into the meeting he had with Dan Henderson about his knee injury, which led to him pulling out of UFC 151.

"When Lorenzo and I went to dinner with [Henderson], when he came to get his knee checked, he was like 'I thought for sure you guys were going to tell me I have to fight,'" said White on MMA Junkie. "We don't do that to anybody. We've never in the history of this company told somebody that they have to fight. We don't make people fight."

As per the guidelines, Henderson had to see the company's doctor to see the severity of the injury. The doctor said Henderson could fight, but he advised against it and thought surgery should take place.

"We don't do that," said White. "If guys want to fight, they can fight. If they don't, we would never force a guy to fight."

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