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Dan Henderson is Still Mad About Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen

Dan Henderson was one of the first to speak out against the decision made by the UFC to pair Chael Sonnen with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. And, despite their relationship, Henderson has not changed his tune one bit.

"I absolutely think it was a bad decision for the sport," said Henderson, during a recent interview on The MMA Hour. "It just makes the sport lose a little bit of integrity."

To bring the story full-circle, Jones and Henderson were scheduled to meet. An injury knocked Henderson out, and Sonnen was the only fighter willing to face Jones on short notice. However, Jones turned down the bout, went on to defeat Vitor Belfort, and is now sidelined until early in 2013 with an arm injury.

So, the UFC went ahead and pulled Sonnen from his UFC light heavyweight return fight with Forrest Griffin and paired him with Jones on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. The two are set to meet in April.

"I understand that (Dana White) does what he does for the UFC and always has, first and foremost," Henderson said. "He tries to accommodate the fighters as he can, but it's more about saving the ratings on The Ultimate Fighter show, and I understand that."

Henderson recently returned to training and is rumored for a match with Lyoto Machida. The winner would likely position themselves for a future shot at the belt.

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