Dan Henderson Got Hurt 3 Weeks Ago


Dan Henderson's muay thai coach, Daniel Wiorin, detailed the knee injury that knocked Dan Henderson out of UFC 151 and caused all the major issues over the past two days. Henderson was expected to face Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title on September 1.

"Dan Henderson got hurt three weeks ago sparring when he went to defend a takedown," Wiorin said, in a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine. "He had to be away for training for two-to-three weeks. It was very difficult for him to refuse the fight. All the team had to convince him not to do it."

Henderson earned his title shot late in 2011 and has waited several months to face Jones. He has yet to wear UFC gold in his long MMA career.

"We did a final sparring to evaluate his condition and he really didn't have the chance to fight with Jones," Wiorin said. "It is so depressing for everybody."

Henderson said he will not have to have surgery, but he will be sidelined for an extended period of time.

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