Dan Hardy Offers an Interesting Take on Nick Diaz

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There are few more attention-generating fighters these days than Nick Diaz.

The controversial welterweight piques interests across the board with his immense fighting prowess and mercurial nature. Recently, Diaz retired from MMA following a controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit, for which he tested positive for marijuana.

As one of Diaz's peers in the UFC welterweight division, Dan Hardy was recently asked by FightHubTV to weigh in on the Stockton firebrand.

"I don't see how (marijuana's) a performance enhancing drug," Hardy said. "In my opinion it's his personal choice if he wants to smoke marijuana, then he should be allowed to do it. The only couple of things it may help him with is if he struggles with nerves or anxiety. But, during the fight it's not going to give him any physical or psychological advantage. It can't be compared to steroids or any of those other performance enhancing drugs. So, I really think a lot more research needs to be done into it, into the adverse effects of it and the positive effects as well, because I think there are quite a few of those.

"I don't think any less of him. He's an entertaining fighter, I enjoyed his fight (with Carlos Condit). Personally, I thought he won it as well. But, it's a shame that some people are gonna look down on him because of that drug test."

And on a possible future fight with Diaz?

"I would love to fight him, I'm a huge fan of his," Hardy said. "He's a very entertaining guy, and he comes to fight. Not everybody does that anymore, and I respect that. By all means I would trade some punches with him."

Hardy is currently looking to correct a career tailspin that's seen him drop four straight. He'll have the opportunity when he meets Duane Ludwig at UFC 146 this May 26 in Las Vegas.

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