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Dan Hardy, Dave Herman, Cain Velasquez Talk Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre

Carlos Condit defeated Nick Diaz controversially this past February to earn the interim UFC welterweight title. Rather than defend it against any of the several 170lbs contenders while proper champ Georges St-Pierre rides the sidelines nursing a knee injury, Condit has decided to hold onto the belt until GSP recovers for a chance at the champion.

Some find this choice to be unfair to the many rising welterweight contenders and some understand completely why he would wait it out. MMA:30 went around and polled some of Condit's UFC peers to hear what they think about his choice.

Dan Hardy: It really depends on how long GSP's gonna be out for. No doubt he deserves the fight, he should get the GSP fight. There's no real reason for him to risk losing his interim belt to somebody on the off chance he has a bad night and then he doesn't get that opportunity. But, at the same time, I'm of the opinion if you are the champion and you believe you're the champion, it doesn't matter who you're fighting, because you're gonna win anyway. So, it's really depending on how you view it yourself. He certainly deserves it and he's certainly within his rights to wait for GSP, but at the same time, if he is the champion and there are contenders, I think he needs to prove he's the champion.

Dave Herman: I mean it's kinda whatever he wants to do, if that's what he wants to do. Why is GSP taking so long to get better? I mean, every time you fight you get paid, so you could get paid twice versus just once. So, I think it's not smart.

Cain Velasquez: That's fine, you know, he's just focused on fighting against GSP right now. He's willing to wait for him and that's definitely his choice. I think it's a smart one. He has this whole time right now to train against a specific style. So, I think when the time comes he'll be ready.

Lavar Johnson: I don't know. Once you beat somebody, I guess -- I wouldn't wanna fight Nick Diaz again. It was a good fight. Actually, in my opinion, I thought Nick won. I wouldn't wanna fight him again either. Move on to the next one. He got that one outta the way, bring on GSP, I guess.

Stipe Miocic: I think it's awesome. He waits for that guy it gives him time to get better and game plan. It depends on what that guy wants, some people like to fight a lot, some people would rather wait. I think it's great.

Check out the full video below to hear more from the likes of Urijah Faber, Roy Nelson, Stefan Struve, Dominick Cruz, Luke Rockhold, Tim Kennedy and Jon Dodson, as well as to hear those fighters break down GSP vs. Condit.

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