MMA News: Damacio Page vs. Kid Yamamoto at UFC 135


Two bantamweights struggling to survive in a very tough division will meet and create a great matchup for UFC 135 in Denver. Damacio Page (15-6) is coming off two tough losses to the top-tier talent of the division, while Norifumi Yamamoto (18-4) looks to receive his first UFC win as well.

Page has underrated striking power and great judo throws that can be a problem for anyone in the cage with him. Yamamoto has heavy hands and can knock you out quickly if you underestimate his skills; he also has great takedowns, making this a very interesting matchup for both fighters who are in trouble of losing their UFC contract.

Page will need to start fast like he normally does and hurt Yamamoto while he tries to adjust for striking distance. Once he stuns or has Yamamoto backing up he will need to use the clinch and throws to take Yamamoto down and wear him down. This is a tough fight for Yamamoto and in order for him to win he’ll have to keep his distance and counter a rushing Page. Page gets sloppy when he is trying to scrap and too much excitement could trap him in a quick TKO with the heavy hands of Yamamoto. Yamamoto can also duck under the flurry and take Page down where he does not like to be and try to wear him down as well.

Both fighters have shown flaws and this fight should be very close in the odds. If Page dodges an early guillotine or overhand he should win this fight, but both fighters have shown flashes of greatness so it’s a tough fight to call early. Both fighters have built quite the fan base worldwide and hear the cries to live up to their expectations so expect one of the best fights of the night to be broadcasted early when Page and Yamamoto slug it out.

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