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Dallas People Still Hate Lamar Odom, Won’t Buy His Stuff

If you had asked people before the 2012 season officially kicked off what the biggest non-Chris Paul steal of the entire offseason was – the answer would unquestionably have been “Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks.” Somehow, the defending champions had managed to pry away quite possibly the most versatile player that one of their main rivals had on the roster for absolutely nothing. Nothing. It was a brilliant move…four months ago.

These days, though, the move isn’t being met with the same sort of love. Odom struggled with the Mavericks from the very beginning, and his ineffectiveness coupled with the squad’s inability to replicate last year’s success ultimately culminated in huge April locker room blowout between him and Mark Cuban. A few days later, Odom and the Mavericks decided to part ways – a move which ensured that he would not be on the playoff roster.

When it was all said and done, he finished with averages of 6.6 points, 1.7 assists and 4.2 rebounds in 50 games played – career lows on all counts.

So, how do people in Dallas view Odom after this little failed experiment? Not particularly favorably, it would be appear.

As noted by the Star-Telegram (via Twitter must-follow @DrewUnga)

The Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars apparel shop inside the American Airlines Center features its own Lamar Odom rack, complete with what has to be around 75 replica jerseys and some other stuff. The sign above the rack reads, "All Odom gear 50 percent off."

Doesn't matter.

According to the saleswoman working in the store, "We can't give this stuff away" she said.

Shocking that people in Dallas wouldn’t want to walk around and proudly rep their team’s most disappointing offseason acquisition.

Unbreakable is still flying off the shelves though, right?

(Kudos to @DrewUnga for the find)

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