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Dallas Mavericks Suspend Delonte West

Multiple reports have mentioned that Delonte West is suspended indefinitely due to conduct detrimental to the team.

Art Garcia of Fox Sports Southwest mentioned that it was Delonte being Delonte. Whatever that means.

This is the second time Delonte West has been suspended in the preseason. His first suspension happened last week and that didn't even last a day. This one might last just a little bit longer.

West has been known for his erratic behavior. He was arrested for carrying guns a few years ago. He lost all his money due to a divorce and was homeless for a while. West worked at Regency Furniture to make ends meet before getting signed by Dallas.

Delonte West averaged 9.6 points and 3.2 assists per game in 44 appearances for Dallas last season.

(For Delonte West's reaction to the suspension, here are his tweets when it happened.)

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