Dallas Green "Hurting" After Granddaughter Christina Taylor Green Killed in Arizona Shooting

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Among the six people killed in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona over the weekend was a little girl named Christina Taylor Green. In addition to being a budding politician herself, the nine-year-old was also the granddaughter of former baseball manager Dallas Green.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Green said he and his family are devastated.

"It's pretty hard. We're all hurting pretty bad," Green said in a telephone interview on Sunday. "I can't believe this could happen to any nine-year-old child, much less our own. The worst thing to ever happen to us."

Green was watching television at his vacation home in the Caribbean Saturday afternoon when he learned of the shooting. He never dreamed his family would be involved.

"I didn't make any connection," Green said.

Green's wife Sylvia called their son in Tucson anyway. Green said Sylvia came back into the room crying, and all she could barely say was, "They shot out beautiful Christina."

Christina had just been elected to the student council at her school, and her mother said she was very interested in government and wanted to meet Giffords. A neighbor took her to the event.

Green and his wife were on their way Monday to Arizona to comfort their son, who is a scout for the Dodgers, and his wife.

The 76-year-old Green was a manager with the Mets, Yankees and Phillies, winning the World Series with the Phils in 1980. But none of that matters anymore.

"This beautiful little girl," he said, his voice trailing off, "Gone like this..."


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