Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles Heading in Different Directions After Week 10


Dallas beat Philly, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick left at the half, and the Cowboys’ defense won the game.

It was the only way it could happen.

Now suddenly, the Eagles find themselves looking to next season, and the Cowboys are miraculously a game and a half behind the Giants, who lost to the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday.

Both teams had some ugly moments. Looking back to a mid-game drive, Romo was sacked to bring up a loooong 3rd and 15; his offensive line fell down in front of him again to leave a 4th and 22. In Dallas’s very next possession, Romo’s offensive line broke down again. It was almost slap-stick comedy. It was like that movie “The Longest Yard,” where Burt Reynolds sells his soul to the warden, and his offensive line laid down for two or three downs. Maybe Romo’s offensive line got held up at Legend’s Sports Bar at the Holiday Inn Express a couple parking lots away from Lincoln Financial Stadium. Been there; it’s easy to do. I actually missed the first period of a Saturday afternoon Flyers-Rangers game thanks to that bar. But I wasn’t playing for a professional football team, either. Luckily, the defense stayed the whole game and the offensive line came back in time to save the day.

(Actually, if not for the defense and special teams, Philly would have won this one. A 78-yard punt return, INT for a TD and fumble recovery in the end zone gave the Cowboys 21 of their 38 points. Romo, despite the sacks, still threw for two TDs and 200 yards).  

Anything good to say about the Eagles? Check the football for DDT, because they are on the Endangered Species list. They have dropped five straight games now. I suppose one good thing was Michael Vick leaving the game. But it makes you wonder, did he really suffer a concussion, or were he and Coach Andy Reid trying to save face? Reid continues his “Stick with Vick” mantra, even after Rookie Nick Foles came into the game and threw for 219 yards in his first action seen as a professional player. He had a touchdown and interception. The only real issue with this rookie is discomfort in the pocket. 15 yard passes would net only five yards because Foles dropped so far back that he was throwing from ten yards behind the line of scrimmage. It would behoove Reid to move Foles into the starter position to season him for next year, but hey, he’s the one making five and a half million a season, not I.  Better yet, Reid might want to consider some sound investments to prepare for his early retirement, which I predict could happen before we settle into our Christmas hams.

The ‘Boys were out penalized, 13 for 75 yards, versus Philly’s 6 for 50, but some were just bonehead penalties on Philly’s part. Tackle King Dunlap ran out there like Baby Huey, “Wait for me, guys!” and in his overzealousness, instead of patting his smaller friend on the back, he launches him into the next week.  “Hands to the face, Number 65. Defense.” If refs were cheerleaders, that would have been the most popular cheer of the game. He’s been in the league a few seasons now. He should know how to better use his 6-foot 9-inch 330 pound frame.

The Cowboy’s defense played well, and (not to take anything away from Romo – those sacks weren’t his fault) they actually won the game. Romo passed for 209 yards and two TDs, but who knows what he’ll do next week, or the week after that? This win does not take Coach Jason Garrett or Romo off the hot seat, but it’s a start. In 22 years, both teams have not been below .500 when meeting each other.

Romo and the defense made sure they got one step closer to that .500 mark


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