Dallas Cowboys News: Tony Romo Really Enjoys Playing with Dez Bryant


Dez Bryant is looking to make a big impact in his third year with the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo is hoping to see him do that as well, what with Bryant likely being the team’s No. 1 receiver this coming season.

Bryant has done pretty well in his first two seasons, and Romo hopes to see him expand on that success and become elite this year.

Romo thinks he has the ability to be great.

He tells the Dallas Morning News:

“He just keeps improving and improving. He’s a kid that I enjoy playing with because he wants to get better. He’s always asking, ‘Hey Tony, what can I do to be better?’ I love playing with guys like him, Miles [Austin] and these guys. They want to be better themselves and they’re trying to do anything they can to get better. The guys that really want to be great and have that ability to be great, you can’t have enough of those guys. And we got a few of them. Dez is just a great kid like that. He’s getting better and better every week.”

We’ll see how Bryant performs this season.

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