Dad Bets $162 that Son Ryan Tunnicliffe Will Play for Manchester United, Wins $16K a Decade Later

Everyone always talks about how much raising kids can cost parents, but that’s the glass half empty way of looking at the whole experience. No, the right way to look at it is the way Mick Tunnicliffe looked at it a decade ago – as a potential money maker.

According to Larry Brown Sports, 10 years ago Tunnicliffe made a £100 ($162) wager that his then nine-year-old son would play for Manchester United one day. He got 100-1 odds on that, for obvious reasons.

Apparently that bet wasn’t as much of a longshot as folks thought it was.

On Wednesday, the now 19-year-old Ryan came in as a substitute midfielder in the 77th minute of Manchester United’s 2-1 victory over Newcastle United. And when he did that, besides no doubt making his dad proud just because, he also made him a cool £10,000 ($16,200).

Finally, after generations upon generations of research, we have uncovered the one and only reason to have children. (Besides the process by which you make them, of course.)

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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