Cyclists Brambilla And Rovny Get In Mid-Race Fistfight (Video)

Italian cyclist Gianluca Brambilla and Russian cyclist Ivan Rovny got into a bizarre mid-race fistfight during the Vuelta a España earlier today.

The two cyclists are seen on video climbing a mountain when the tiff starts. After an argument about who should be setting the pace for the group, Rovny reaches back and swats at Brambilla. Rovny then grabs Brambilla by the shoulder, and Brambilla punches him in the face. Rovny returns the favor with a punch of his own, and the two keep going at it for about 200 meters.

One of the commentators heard on the footage summed up the strange fight best.

“It’s amazing,” he joked, “the way you can throw punches on the bike…going uphill.”

Neither rider was knocked from his bike during the fight, though Brambilla did ride on the grass for a bit. Officials caught up with the riders a few moments later and disqualified them from the race.

Here's the footage:

H/T: USA Today


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