Cyclist Celebrates Win Too Early, Loses Race (Video)

Spanish cyclist Eloy Teruel prematurely celebrated a win yesterday during the Tour of California race.

Teruel apparently lost count of how many laps were left in the race. He beat his chest and sat upright on his bicycle to celebrate crossing the finish line, which the Euro Sport TV commentators caught (video below).

According to SB Nation, Teruel still had one more lap, but by the time he realized his mistake it was too late. Teruel ended up finishing the race in 56th place.

USA Today reports that Peter Sagan of Slovakia won the race.

Teruel later tweeted, "Me pudieron las ganas de victoria ,menos mal que nadie lo ha visto jajajajajaja," which was translated by a writer at Velo Magazine as, "I wanted to win, luckily no one has seen. Hahahahaha."

Sources: SB Nation and USA Today


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