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Brian Cushing’s Steroid Use Dates Back to High School

After hearing about Houston Texans LB Brian Cushing’s four-game suspension for steroid use, the Associated Press decided to conduct a re-vote for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. It turns out, Cushing still won and we aren’t sure how. The committee knowingly voted for a guy that had a positive PED test in September of last year.

So, Thomas George of AOL Fanhouse decided to do some poking around. First, he said he spoke to numerous NFL executives and couldn’t find one that still thought he deserved to win it. Then, he found an NFL GM who requested anonymity and delivered this scathing commentary of Cushing.

“We did our research on him before the draft last year and we concluded he was a chronic steroid user dating back to high school,” the GM told George. “More than a few people were surprised when he passed the steroid tests at the combine. I think the guy became a pro at masking it, until he was caught. I definitely would have taken my vote back on that award if I had one.”

The fact that he still won may have to do with Cushing’s claims that he tested positive for something that isn’t steroids. It could also have to do with the story that Cushing passed a lie detector test, which know one even knows for sure. But still, it’s absolutely ridiculous that this guy gets to keep his award and it sends the wrong message.


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