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Ex Eagles WR Kevin Curtis Says He Had Cancer

We’ve had numerous discussions with football people about what happened to former Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams WR Kevin Curtis. Yes, he was breaking down a bit and dealing with some injuries, but it’s not like he couldn’t play in the NFL anymore.

Why hadn’t anyone picked him up? Then we saw this today in the Deseret News which explained a lot.

Curtis has been dealing with testicular cancer.

“Everything looks good,” he said. “They caught it early, and there is no sign that it has spread. I’m pretty fortunate, really.”

The abnormality first showed up when he was making free agent visits before he 2007 season. A doctor for the Minnesota Vikings found something.

“The doctor brought it to my attention,” says Curtis. “I hadn’t noticed it. I waited a year till I went to a urologist. He wasn’t too concerned. Every six months I underwent an exam and ultrasound. They were saying it’s nothing until this summer. The ultrasound revealed there was a big difference. It had grown.”

He’s since had it removed and thinks he’s good to go now. His agent will send a letter to all 32 teams letting them know what the deal is. We hope he gets back in the league soon.


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