Cung Le Earns Big Win vs. Patrick Cote at UFC 148

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After a storied career in Hollywood and MMA, Cung Le earns his biggest achievement to date, getting his first win inside the Octagon against Patrick Cote at UFC 148.

"I feel great. A little tired," Le said. "I was going to do a backflip, but I didn't have any energy. He's got such a hard head – I hurt my foot on it. I fought my heart out."

Known for his unorthodox striking, Cung Le showcased his Taekwondo chops but found his greatest success in his wrestling, completing 3/4 takedown attempts. The grappling effort may have made the difference in his bout against Cote.

Cote is also a renowned striker who got a big chance against Le after getting cut from the promotion in 2010. While the loss hinders his career for the moment, Cung Le improves to 8-2 after the victory. Yet, at forty years of age, many wonder what is next for the action star.

"One goal reached, and another goal to come," commented Le. "I'm going to go back to the drawing board – but I'm an adrenaline junkie and I'm not sure I can give it up yet. To all the 40-year-olds, I did it for you guys."

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