Cubs, Red Sox Having Trouble Putting a Deal Together for Theo Epstein

Okay, so this might take a little longer than we all thought. It seemed like the Chicago Cubs already had a deal in place for Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, and that deciding on compensation was somewhat of a formality.

But, no. A source tells CSN Chicago that talks have gone sour and become contentious.

“Larry Lucchino is one of the most unreasonable people I have ever dealt with and because of his frayed relationship with Theo Epstein he is looking to make a point at the expense of Theo’s happiness and his desire to go to Chicago,” the source said. “I didn’t believe that ownership group for one second when they said that they wouldn’t stand in Theo’s way if he wanted out of Boston. They are furious that he wants out and they are trying to make a point.”

The truth is, the Red Sox owners never said that they weren’t going to stand in his way. They granted permission to speak to the Cubs because that’s what teams do when a higher position is available. However, they could be a little tweaked that Epstein may have had a conversation before he got permission, which owner John Henry seems to think happened.

“There was an initial conversation before formal permission was granted,” Henry said. “I can’t go into the specifics of what’s going on.”

So, this is a lot more complex than maybe we thought. Epstein is one of the best GM’s in all of baseball and has a year left on his contract. Could the Sox be a little tweaked that he wants to leave? Sure. Are they right to try to get the best compensation that they can for letting him loose? Yep.

We’ll see what happens.


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