Cubs First Baseman Anthony Rizzo Makes The Most Cubs Play Ever (Video)


You could argue -- as many have -- that the Cubs are the most snake-bitten franchise in all of sports. It’s been 106 years since the team has won a World Series, and they’re horrible nearly every year despite a big payroll and a rabid fan base.

Yesterday, Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo pulled off the type of play that only a Cub could. He did something very impressive, but somehow managed to hurt his team in the process.

Rizzo made a great catch in foul territory that ended with him flipping over the dugout railing. It was an awesome highlight that deserves to be on SportsCenter. So what’s the problem? Falling out of play during a catch automatically advances runners on base. Since the Diamondbacks had a player on third during the catch, said player got to waltz home for an easy run. That run was the difference maker in the game, and the Diamondbacks won 3-2.

In Cubs land, even the best of plays end up somehow screwing you over:


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