Cub Swanson Defends Greg Jackson's Coaching Skills

Cub Swanson (18-5) thinks the criticism that Greg Jackson is too cautious with his fighters is false.

"For people to say he's the type of person to say play it safe is bull," said Swanson to Sports Illustrated. "He's a fight coach, and when it comes down to it, he wants us to fight. He wants us to finish."

Swanson spoke about breaking his hand a week before a WEC show and Jackson agreed with his decision to not pull out of the fight.

"He didn't try to talk me out of it," said Swanson. "He supported me 100 percent. He told me that if I didn't throw that broken hand right away that he would be pissed at me; that he wanted me to go after the guy right away. He didn't want me going in there fighting dumb, scared and injured."

For the past four years, Swanson has been training at Jackson's Submission Fighting.

"[Jackson] never ever told me to cruise it," said Swanson. "He's never said to try and last. It's always been about finishing fights, train harder and push it. He's never said to play it safe."

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