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Crybabies: Lakers Kobe, Phil Jackson Take Shots at Each Other

When it comes to crowning a champion for whining and immaturity, the only children who can compete with the spoiled brats of South Beach are Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers.

After an embarrassing 104-85 defeat at the hands of the hapless and often confused Memphis Grizzlies, the ghost of the ’04 Lakers emerged. You remember that squad – a bunch of ultra-talented, annoying, crybabies who let down the entire city of Los Angeles with their incessant complaining and inner turmoil.

During the postgame exchanges, both Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson -- two clowns from that ’04 circus -- decided this would be the opportune time to start a locker room rift. On the heels of losing four of their last six games, Jackson's emotions got the best of him and he let out this little remark:


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