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Crittenton Still Being Sought for Murder Charges; Remains at Large

Remember the Gilbert Arenas gun incident in the Washington Wizards locker room? Yeah, the other guy he got into it with was Javaris Crittenton.

While that happened a while ago, someone didn’t get the memo about why we don’t mess with guns. Crittenton has been formally charged with the murder of an Atlanta woman back on April 19th. Um yeah, there are several witnesses that say he fired the shots during a drive-by.

Here’s the thing though. Police just executed a search of his home and they’ve spoken to him about turning himself in. But as of right now? He hasn’t done so and is still at large.

It’s funny that his gorgeous house is in an upscale area in a cul-de-sac, yet he is still involved in this stuff. How can that be?! Do you like this huge house and all the money you have? Guess not since it’s still worth it to play gangster.

The woman he allegedly killed was a mother of four. If you did this, you can rot in hell you f’ing loser.


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