Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos on Women in the UFC: I Knew it Would Happen


Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos (10-1-1 NC) and Ronda Rousey (6-0) are clearly not friends with the verbal jabs they've exchanged as of late. Even though Cyborg doesn't like Rousey, she's glad to see women getting their chance to fight inside the Octagon.

"Women who train MMA are happy," said Santos to TATAME. "I knew this would happen sooner or later. I was happy; it'll be good for women. "

Santos is currently suspended until the middle of December for testing positive for steroids. Rousey recently became the first female to sign a fighter's contract with the UFC. Prior to signing with the UFC, Rousey was the Strikeforce bantamweight champion.

Dana White had often been a spoken critic against women fighting for the UFC, but changed his tune recently. His main concern was the lack of depth that could be created. Santos thinks the recent growth in female MMA will keep the sport alive.

"I hope Dana has women fight not just once a year, so there is continuity at work," said Santos. "The fighters will want to show more service training and the number of women will increase because they will see that there is future."

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