Craigslist Poster Selling $700 Pro Football Tix Because Of Food Stamp Cuts


An ad selling a pair of Washington Redskins football tickets that appeared Monday on Craigslist is drawing outrage from some who’ve stumbled across it.

Why? This time, it’s nothing to do with the controversial team name. The hot-button issue in this curious ad is the reason given by the person who posted the ad for wanting to sell the tickets.

The ad offers “2 close seats to Redskins vs Dallas in December” for $500, but the seller is “willing to negotiate any offer.” He, if it is a “he,” says he originally paid $700 for the seats “from ticketmaster.” The seats are in section 119 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

Tickets in the section, which is prime estate at FedEx field, are now listed as ranging between $358 and $1,192 on Ticketmaster.

Then comes the kicker. Why is this person selling his tickets for these amazing seats?

“I'm doing this because the government has cut my families food stamps and rather seeing our favorite team we need to feed our family.” (Spelling in original.)

The maximum net monthly income for a Maryland family of four in order to qualify for what that state calls the Food Supplemental Program, commonly referred to as food stamps, is listed as $1,721 per month as of 2008.

While the ad hasn’t been widely noticed as of yet, posters on one conservative message board were incensed that a person making too little money to feed his family would purchase tickets to a pro football game, and primo seats at that.

“F*** that guy. I hope he starves,” wrote one poster on the gun-oriented forum “Reminds me of that woman that was a multigenerational welfare recipient that said just because she is poor, she doesn't have to live that way. Uh, yeah you do. It's part of being poor.”

“Some people just need the f*****g s*** choked out of them,” said another.

However, there is no confirmation yet available on the authenticity of the ad, or if the “food stamps” claim is for real or just someone’s idea of a joke.

The Redskins vs. Cowboys game takes place Dec. 22 at FedEx Field.

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Ed. Note: The Craigslist ad has been changed. It now reads, "I have 2 tickets section 119, row 25 seats 17-18. This is at Fedex field in Landover, MD and I have proof. I bought them from ticketmaster for way too much which was a little over $700 and willing to negoiate any offer. Please reply back and if you have any offer please email it as well. Thank you."

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