Cowboys Running Back DeMarco Murray Buys New Macs For His Linemen


Cowboys’ running back DeMarco Murray seems to be in a pretty good mood these days. Being the NFL’s leading rusher by a huge margin tends to have that effect. Murray has racked up 913 yards so far this season, which is more than handful of other teams’ total rushing yards.

Murray realizes a running back doesn’t pick up yards on his own – success on the ground starts with a bunch of bruisers on the line opening up holes. Dallas’s offensive line has been one of the, if not the, best offensive lines in the league this year, and Murray rewarded them this week for their work.

The Fort-Worth Star Telegram reports today that Murray bought each of Dallas’s starting linemen a brand new iMac computer.

“That just shows how much respect he has for us, how much he appreciates us, so it’s a great gift,” guard Ronald Leary said.

Very cool gesture by Murray. If he keeps up the record-breaking pace he's on now, imagine what Murray might buy his lineman at the end of the season. Corvettes? European vacations?

Murray has been the most dominant back in the league this season, and he’ll get a chance to continue his success on Monday night against Colt McCoy (Ha!) and the perennially underwhelming Redskins. One of the (very) few things Washington has done well this season is stop the run, so both parties will be in for a good test on primetime television.


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