Cowboys Roy Williams Suing for $76,000 Engagement Ring


Remember that time you mailed your girlfriend a $76,000 engagement ring and then had to ask for it back when she said no? Boy, that sure was awkward. Well, if it’s any consolation, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams is currently going through the same woes.

According to The Odessa American, Williams is suing his former girlfriend, Brooke Daniels, in an effort to retrieve the pricey piece of jewelry that he sent to her in February. The aforementioned ring, some cash for dental expenses and a taped wedding proposal -- and you thought romance was dead -- were among the goodies that the once-upon-a-time star receiver sent the former 2009 Miss Texas, but apparently love just can’t be bought anymore.

When Williams was unable to win Daniels’ heart, he politely requested that she return the ring. Surprisingly enough, the gal was a tad bit reluctant to part way with a jewelry item that’s worth more than most people's cars. And if you believe Daniels’ father, she was also simply following the gameplan that Williams himself laid out for her.

"He said (to Brooke Daniels), 'I'm not like a lot of people, I don't want the ring back. You'll eventually come back to me,' and she didn't," says Michael Daniels, who plans to give the ring back to Williams rather than endure the lawsuit.

"I want to wash my hands of it," said Michael Daniels, who added neither he nor his daughter claimed the ring was lost prior to the insurance inquiry. "It's just a hassle. I'll take care of my daughter. I don't need him."


Don't blame Williams, though. Who could have guessed that mailing your "love" a $76,000 engagement ring wouldn't end well?


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