Cowboys Player Making Almost $500k A Year Arrested For Stealing Boxers, Cologne


What’s $100 bucks worth to someone who makes almost half a million dollars a year? A lot, apparently. Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, who has a base salary of $495,000 this year, was caught stealing $125 worth of merchandise from a Dallas department store on Monday.

Randle was seen on camera at a Dillard’s department store buying an item at the perfume counter. After his purchase, he walked over and stuffed two items – a pack of Polo boxers and a mostly-full tester bottle of Gucci cologne – into his bag and left the store.

Randle was waived down in the parking lot by an elderly security guard. The guard recovered the two stolen items from Randle’s bag and called police. During his arrest, Randle told Frisco police officer Jason Kimbrough that he would have run away from the security guard if he’d known police were going to be called. Smart thing to tell a cop, Joseph.

Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft during his arrest and released.

Randle’s father spoke with WFAA following his son’s arrest, and offered a laughably desperate explanation for his son’s actions.

"My son is not a thief, okay?” Randle’s father said. “He was just trying to get his baby out of there because she was clowning pretty bad. All he was going to do is take ‎the baby out and then he was going to come back and take care of his business.”

Totally believable.


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