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Cowboys Give Scandrick Extension with $10M Guaranteed

I’m not exactly sure what the Dallas Cowboys are doing here, but they seem to like Orlando Scandrick. Scandrick is hardly terrible, but he’s not a starter. Yet….he’s now being paid like it.

The Cowboys have given Scandrick a five-year, $27 million extension with $10 million guaranteed. That’s not high-end starter money, but it seems to be much more than he’s worth.

Scandrick isn’t bad, but his strength is as a nickel slot guy. He’s good at that, but not great. And anytime he’s asked to play outside, he’s awful. Kind of like Dallas’ version of Joselio Hanson.

Hey, maybe the Cowboys are seeing something I’m not. Maybe Bob Ryan has plans for him in his system that we don’t know about. But, it seems like they overpaid.


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