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Cowboys Fan Way Too Confident His Team Is Drafting Johnny Manziel

Here is one Dallas Cowoys fan getting just a little bit ahead of himself right now.

Some America’s Team homer was spotted at a Rangers game yesterday sporting a Johnny Manziel Cowboys jersey.

I guess that makes at least one Cowboys fan who is tired of seeing Tony Romo throw pick, after pick, after pick every year during big games.

Is this a glimpse of the future?

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I wouldn’t blame Cowboys fans for wanting a new QB. Romo is great from weeks 1-15, but come a big time game at the end of the season, or – heaven forbid – a playoff game, and he’s useless. How many times have we seen Romo fall flat on his face during win-and-you’re-in week 17 games? It’s basically an annual event.

There’s a little rumor going around that Jerry Jones is thinking about making a big splash and trading up for Manziel in the draft. If he does, the above fan will look like a prophet and probably start selling books on how to play the stock market. If Jones doesn’t, this man just bought himself a very expensive dish towel. Time will tell.

My guess? I think Manziel goes to Cleveland with the fourth pick. Ideally he’d wind up on a team where he can sit behind a veteran for a year or so, but I don’t see it happening. Besides, what rookie QB wouldn’t love throwing it up to freak-of-nature receiver Josh Gordon?


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