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Don't be Fooled by Couture's MMA Win Over Toney

You’re crazy if you think Randy Couture's easy "MMA meets Boxing" win over James Toney meant anything more than one past-his-prime fortysomething beating another past-his-prime fortysomething into submission.

Don't read into it. Don't turn it into a giant symbol of how MMA guys can destroy boxers. Dismiss this silly, worthless display like you would a Brett Favre retirement speech.

Move on to real sporting events that matter. Here's why:

First, James Toney is not an elite athlete. Actually, he’s not even a decent one. At one point in his career, when his gut didn’t resemble Peter Griffin's from the Family Guy, he was a formidable fighter. But since maintaining a ripped physique is difficult, Toney now makes his living as an overweight, over-the-hill fighter competing in a heavyweight division that lacks talent.

Instead of chiseled warriors, it's filled with guys who have size but very little skill, guys who hoist up their trunks to their manboobs to hide their flabby midsections, plod around the ring, get tired by round 4, wrap up each other in clenches and hope to deliver a lucky knockout punch.

In his current form, Toney would have been a Bum-of-the-Month during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Today he gets action because modern heavyweight fighters resemble Tomato Cans instead of true athletic specimens.

Despite his raw punching power, it's ridiculous to think boxing should be "represented" by this guy.

And let’s switch the scenario around.

Let an MMA athlete compete in a boxing ring against a premier boxer -- with boxing rules, not MAA rules. That MMA fighter would be flattened by round 2. I've watched MMA fights and these guys are extremely tough, gritty and athletic, but they lack true boxing skills.

If they had to deal with a boxer (who was in excellent shape and glided around the ring inflicting jab after jab, mixed with piercing crosses and uppercuts) and couldn't take him to the canvas, the outcome would be completely different than what we saw last week in that P.T. Barnum special.

So forget it. Put it out of your mind and move on.

The exhibition meant zip.


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