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NBA: Kings Cousins Won't be Suspended for Altercation

UPDATE:DeMarcus Cousins will not receive a suspension for his altercation with teammate Donte Greene following the Kings’ loss to the Thunder on Saturday night, according to Sam Amick of FanHouse. He will however receive an “undisclosed fine.”


We’ve written before about Sacramento Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins acting up a bit. We’ve also written that any issues about his character should be secondary to his skill. We’ve even written about the time he made a young girl’s day last year. Now, we’re writing that Cousins may be suspended for an altercation with Donte Greene following the Kings loss to Oklahoma City.

Sources told ESPN that Cousins allegedly got into the altercation after Greene failed to get him the ball on the last possession of the game. Coach Westphal has commented that the play wasn’t drawn up for any one player, and that Cousins was well guarded in the post, and Tyreke was open.

Apparently Cousins saw this as disrespectful. The source told ESPN that Cousins and Greene argued in the locker room, and that Cousins demanded respect despite being a rookie. The same source claimed that Cousins was not allowed to travel to Phoenix with the team.

Say what you will about Cousins’ past, but he’s been very solid so far this season. Any of the previous flare ups with his temper have been minimal, and this would be the first game he’s missed due to his attitude, but we have a feeling that it won’t be the last.


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